Knowledge of incontinence and diaper culture

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Technology Overview: Solutions to relieve the effects of covid-19.


CareNet welcomes Wear&Care Technologies, who has developed an intelligent, sensor-based aid for incontinence pads that notifies when citizens need to be changed.

Profile of the month: Wear&Care

From wet incontinence pads to warm hands with sensor technology. A thin sensor strip with a data logger helps people suffering from moderate to severe incontinence.

Magasinet Pleje

At the nursing home ‘Udsigten’ in Græsted, they collaboration with the private company Wear&Care Technologies on a project with intelligent incontinence sensors.

Patients expect digital solutions

Healthcare is in the midst of a time of upheaval, where mind-set, organization and culture are being distracted by new knowledge, technologies and demands from citizens. Welfare Tech took a look at the trends right now at this year’s WHINN conference in Odense.

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