The future of Incontinence Care

Wear&Care’s sensor technology makes all incontinence pads intelligent and improves incontinence care. A considerable part of care work today is spend on incontinence care. Wear&Care’s sensor technology makes it possible to monitor incontinence pads and helps the employees to replace them on time. This reduces the time spent on unnecessary incontinence pad changes and on cleaning due to leaks. It is the incontinence care of the future.

Our sensor

Wear&Care’s sensor is an aid to the daily workflow of the care staff. The sensor is an aid that reports resident’s urination.


  • You always know if a resident needs a nappy change – without disturbing the resident
  • You know which residents have waited the longest for a nappy change
  • You avoid unnecessary nappy changes
About incontinence

Many older people with urinary incontinence suffer in silence, as they consider it taboo not to be able to control their urination. At worst, it can lead to social isolation, because it is easier to stay at home or in a care home, where you know where the toilet is and can get a change of clothes unseen if the worst should happen.

Only one in four people with urinary incontinence turn to their health services for help. This is partly because many believe it is an inevitable part of getting older and partly because many find it shameful to talk about. Many don’t even tell their closest relatives about it.

In nursing homes, residents are helped by staff to cope with incontinence and the focus is fortunately increasingly on preventing and treating incontinence from an individualised approach, tailored to each resident’s abilities and needs.

A proven solution and easy implementation process

The training requirement is limited to 2 hours. The sensor takes only a few seconds to put on and completely easy to use. It provides clear alerts to staff on mobile/tablet/PC, including first urination and when the diaper is full. Staff can further access detailed information on the citizen’s urination pattern, changing routines, etc.

As part of the solution, Wear&Care assists staff in an implementation process that takes into account a busy workday.

The Wear&Care technology provides great advantages to:

The citizen

Greater quality of life for the citizens in need of care

The employees

Better working environment for nursing staff

The economy

Free up time ressources and reduce diaper consumption

The environment

Reduce the environmental impact of incontinental care

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