The advantages of using our sensor technology for diapers

Our sensor

Wear&Care’s sensor is an aid to the daily workflow of the care staff.

The sensor is an aid that reports resident’s urination.

New sensor for all types of diapers – an aid for the benefit of employees and residents

  • You always know if a resident needs a diaper change – without disturbing the resident

  • You know which residents have waited the longest for a diaper change

  • You avoid unnecessary diaper changes

  • You may notice sudden differences in urination

  • You gain new insights so that you can better use your healthcare knowledge

  • You will have a better chance of avoiding UTIs, wounds and skin infections among the residents

  • Free up time without losing presence and care 
  • Easy implementation, where you can see the effect on the resident immediately
  • All new SOSU graduates in Denmark already know our solution from their studies

Our sensor solution for diapers

  • Is easy to implement and requires no special IT prerequisites for the employees
  • Delivered with an effective implementation process where all employees feel safe using the sensor and the new insight 
  • The only solution on the market that fits all diaper types and does not require connection to local WiFi or investment in infrastructure
  • Notifies at first urination and when a diaper is full 
  • Simple visual insight into the resident’s urination pattern, which the staff can use themselves to optimize the changing routines

This is how the sensor works in practice

The sensor detects that the citizen is urinating

The employee gets notification about urination

The employee monitors the citizen’s urination patterns on a tablet or other device

The employee makes a professional assessment as to whether the diaper needs to be changed

Benefits for the citizen

Greater quality of life for the citizen in need of care

  • Better quality of life because fewer incontinence pad changes are needed. Up to a 40% reduction because changes are carried out at the right time.

  • A better night’s sleep due to up to 70% fewer disturbances as night

  • Less risk of the citizen wearing a wet incontinence pad for a long time, because diaper changes take place at more appropriate times

  • Less risk of infections and dermatitis and thus fewer hospitalizations and doctors visits

    Benefits for the employee

    Better working environment for caretakers

    • Fewer worries because Wear&Care’s sensor technology provides security to be notified when an incontinence pad needs to be changed

    • Fewer heavy and stressful tasks such as unnecessary diaper changes and changes of linens
    • Fewer disturbances of the citizen and reduction in the use of force

    • Easy overview and access to information about incontinence care status

    • Reduction of conflicts between watch teams

      Benefits to the economy

      Increased workload and better finances

      • The financial benefits of using Wear&Care’s sensor technology exceed the size of the investment in the product. This is due to a reduced resource consumption – both when it comes to working hours and consumables such as incontinence materials

      • More time for care and nursing with the same resources frees up time for individual and targeted care of citizens 

      • Static and historical data on incontinence pad changes across nursing homes create optimal conditions for quality assurance

      • Data on incontinence care create the opportunity to provide documentation to relatives about the frequency of  changes etc. and can thus contribute to increased security

      Benefits for the environment

      Reduced diaper consumption for the benefit of the environment

      • Significant reduction of the climate footprint of incontinence care with 40% reduced incontinence material waste and 100% reduced waste from bottom changes (eg sheets, gloves, etc.)

      • Reduction in bed linen and clothes to be washed and thus reduction in water consumption

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