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About Wear&Care Technologies

Wear&Care Technologies aims to improve the quality of life for the many people who suffer from incontinence, as well as the work environment for those who help them.

Improper treatment of incontinence often has major consequences for citizens and has cost many resources in the care and health sector over time. We are passionate about changing this. At Wear&Care Technologies, we develop and implement modern welfare technology solutions within incontinence care. We develop modern technology, but not for the sake of technology. We are driven by the value we can create for citizens and employees, whether the solution requires complex technology or simple tools.

Wear&Care® creates both more dignity for the citizen, greater job satisfaction for the staff, fewer worries for the relatives and newfound resources for the institutions. It is a welfare technology solution for people with incontinence, developed for nursing homes, hospices and hospitals, as well as other places that house citizens with incontinence to a moderate or severe degree. The technology detects when a diaper is damp and notifies employees of a relevant diaper change. Therefore, we can revolutionize the area of ​​incontinence and create increased well-being for both citizens and staff.

Everyone must be recognized and included if welfare technology and innovation are to result in more care and better care. Therefore, in all phases of the work, we have a strong focus on the involvement of users and a deep understanding of their everyday lives and the needs of citizens.

Our story

Wear&Care was founded on the idea of ​​a caregiver. In collaboration with an engineer, she decided to change the way we treat incontinence in geriatric care. Their vision was that the solution should be for everyone. It should be a solution, which is independent of what other aids and incontinence materials are used. As a result of this vision, our product, as the only one on the market, can be applied to all types of incontinence pads.

As a consequence of the growing proportion of care-requiring citizens worldwide, as well as the lack of manpower to care for them, one of the cornerstones of our vision is to develop a solution that can ease the workload of caregivers and to develop a technology that does not take , but provides more time for presence and care. This ambition is still the essence of our corporate culture today.

Our first product was introduced in December 2019 and hat an excellent start. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic put a temporary stop to the good development, as all nursing homes in our markets were closed to outsiders until the summer of 2021. We have spent the time further optimizing our solution and establishing our company in Germany. We are now again in the process of implementations in Denmark and Germany, where we contribute to solving some of the sector’s biggest challenges – the lack of manpower and challenges in maintaining a stable, high level of quality in eldercare.

Meet The Faces Behind Wear&Care

Jesper Jarmann


Danish Office


Anne Cordel

Product Manager and Nurse

Danish Office


Elvin Schmidt Solberg


Danish Office


Tom Vejby

Financial Accountant 

Danish Office

Cornelius Alfred Gaarde

Technical Support

Danish Office


Bent Jensen


Danish Office

Maicen Neu

CEO / Vorsitzende der Geschäftsführung

German Office / Deutsches Büro


Carolin Botschner

Assistant to the CEO / Assistenz der Geschäftsführung

German Office / Deutsches Büro


Made in Denmark - made for the world

Wear & Care Technologies is growing steadily in the Danish and German markets

Main office:

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