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How to apply the sensor strip

Here is a technical video of how the self-adhesive sensor strip is applied


How to attach the sensor

Here is a technical video of how to attach the sensor


Charging the sensor

Here is a technical video of how the sensor is charged





    This support page is continually updated. The FAQ section of the manual, which accompanies the implementation of Wear&Care®, contains information on the entire Wear&Care system.

    • How quickly can I put the Inco-Transmitter on a new diaper?

      If you change the Inco-Transmitter to a new diaper / sensor, it must take at least 10 seconds for the system to automatically detect the diaper change.

    • How do I know that I have correctly connected Wear&Care® to the diaper?

      Within 10 minutes after the diaper change a confirmation SMS (1. Info: New diaper registered…) must be received to confirm that the Wear&Care system is working properly.

    • I receive several unexpected messages. What is the reason?

      If you receive more unexpected messages, this may be due to an unstable connection between the Inko Sensor and Inko Transmitter. Therefore, make sure that the Inko-Sender is properly closed at both closing mechanisms by pressing the front and back together at both closing mechanisms. See also the description in the manual for errors 8, 9 and 10 (Error: Check sensor strip).

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